LibKiSAO: a Java Library for Querying KiSAO

LibKiSAO is a KiSAO-specific adaptor between OWL and Java: a Java library providing methods to make queries to KiSAO from within Java programs.

LibKiSAO is built on top of the OWL API and uses HermiT reasoner. LibKiSAO is free software available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


Download LibKiSAO from SourceForge. archive structure

  • libKiSAO.jar is a stand-alone version of libKiSAO that can be used from within other Java programs. It contains all the required libraries.
  • libKiSAO-src.jar contains the source code.
  • javadoc/* folder contains java documentation.
  • example/* folder contains examples, showing how libKiSAO might be used.


Java Documentation is available as a part of archive or directly by browsing online.

Code Examples

LibKiSAO provides methods for:


To reference LibKiSAO, please cite:

Zhukova A., Adams R., Laibe C., Le Novère N. (2012) LibKiSAO: a Java library for Querying KiSAO. BMC Research Notes, 5:520. doi:10.1186/1756-0500-5-520