HARMONY 2017 - Travel Information

Travel Information

Directions From SeaTac Airport to the University District

There are multiple ways to get there:

  • Taxi - about $45-$50 + tip
  • Shuttle - about $19 (if registered) + tip
  • Public Transport ( $2-$2.50 )
  • App-based carrier (Uber, Lyft, etc.)

At the Airport

Since you are already at the airport, you might want to consider changing some money at an ATM, so here the maps for the main terminal and baggage claim area:

By Taxi

If you decide to take a taxi, just follow the signs.

From the baggage claim area, take the escalator one flight up and cross the Skybridge, before heading down one level to find the taxis.

Here's another map:

By Shuttle

If you want to take the Shuttle, make a reservation at their website: http://shuttleexpress.com.

From the airport, you again just cross the Skybridge, and head one level down, following the signs to "Door to Door Vans".

By Public Transport

Seattle has a good working public transport system. The SeaTac airport is connected to UW Seattle by the Link Light Rail.

Part One: The Link Light Rail

After collecting your baggage from baggage claim, follow the signs to the Link Light Rail. This actually ends up being a bit of a walk:

At the end of this walkway you will cross a bridge:

To be greeted at the other end by a friendly ticketing machine:

Once you have your Ticket in hand, you would head up...

...to the Link rail which runs every 6 minutes or 10 minutes, depending on your arrival time. Catch the light rail heading to "University of Washington Station". You want to stay aboard until the end (which is University of Washington Station). For more information about the schedule and to see a line map of the Rail look here:


The trip takes about 45 minutes.

Part Two: Bus towards University Inn

Once you arrive at Westlake Center, just get out of the Train and simply walk to the front, where you can take any of the buses 71, 72, 73 and 74. The thing to keep in mind is that you want to take the express buses. (Express buses take the freeway for part of the way and its exit is closest to the two hotels).

You will need to pay the fare when you leave the bus at the destination (if the driver does not accept the ticket you got from the machine before). They only accept exact fare, which has to be fiddled into the machine next to the driver.

The express bus will take the I-5 (the freeway) and once you get onto the bridge, you will see the university district on your left.

The orange building is the Bioengineering Building, where the Hackathon will take place. Once you are on the bridge you want to signal the driver, that you want to get out at the next stop. (By pulling a cord on the left and right of the bus cabin). Once the bus stops you will have to go to the front of the bus, show them your ticket, and if he is not happy with that pay the fare of $2.

You are now at this bus stop: